Allow Me To Introduce Myself…

My name is Dixie Wall and I am a licensed acupuncturist, nutritionist, and holistic health practitioner serving Orange County. In my practice, I use a combination of structural, nutritional, and emotional tools to create a unique health plan for each of my patients. In doing so, my aim is to help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Once Upon a Time, In California…

My passion for nutrition and holistic healing began in Trabuco Canyon, CA, where I grew up. At age 13, I made the decision to become a vegetarian. At 16, I started working for a local Herbalist; helping her make tinctures, salves and dream pillows.  I entered massage school in 1999 and, following graduation, continued on to become a holistic health practitioner.

Then I Discovered Acupuncture…

After a major accident, I was in severe pain and I suffered from chronic fatigue.  I tried nearly everything, but had little success. It was only after trying acupuncture that I finally found relief.  Within three months, I was pain-free and I was able to reach a whole new level of health. That’s when I knew acupuncture was my calling.

I entered acupuncture school in 2005 and I have been committed to expanding my knowledge base ever since. I incorporate all of my vast experience within my practice, including my knowledge of western nutrition and targeted dietary therapies (such as Raw, Paleo, Detox’s and Blood Type). In 2012, I began the certification process in Neuro Emotional Technique/NET and Nadruimbuds Allergy Elimination Technique/NAET.

My Promise To You…

I believe with all my heart in this method of practice.   All components of the body need to be addressed–the physical, the nutritional and the emotional–to facilitate healing and complete homeostasis. I strive to help my patients reach their health goals by getting to and treating the root condition, not just the branch symptoms.  I provide excellent treatment for a fair fee, and am committed to helping my patients as long as they are willing to accept it.

I will continue to learn and expand my knowledge base and I am truly honored by your trust in me, and in the time-tested methodologies I practice.

Dixie Wall, Acupuncturist, Holistic Health Practitioner, LAc.

A History of Success.

-“I woke up this morning feeling like I had been in a deep slumber for the last 10 years. Though somehow I was subconsciously aware that my body was repairing itself. No pressure from my prolapse this morning whatsoever. I still can’t wrap my brain around this acupuntrure stuff lol. Checking the sites you sent and totally geeking out. First day of collagen and coffee along with fasting. Feel AMAZING. This is easy so far! I think whatever you put in my ear is doing the damn trick. voodoo i tell you voodoo lady!!!! hahahaha”

– Joann J.

-“I want you to know that my arms feel much better, our heads feel better, you’re a great hugger/healer and we love you to death.”

-Jon T.

-“I have been under Dixie Wall’s care and supervision for approximately two years. In that time, my health has drastically improved, and with her assistance I have lost 114 pounds. I refer everyone I can to her. Dixie Wall spends time with her patients and has a genuine concern for their health and well-being, a common miss with most doctors these days.”

– Jeremy L.

“I picked up a serious urinary infection at a surgery at a hospital January 2013. My internist was unable to cure it so I went to an infectious disease M.D. After the doctor failed, I went to see Dixie Wall. You added a product that apparently interfered with the colony formation so that the M.D.’s antibiotics could work. Had I not seen Dixie Wall, I am quite sure I would still be fighting that infection. She thought in areas M.D.’s missed!”

– Barry W.

 ”When I first began seeing Dixie Wall in 2007, I was suffering badly from an anxiety disorder. With weekly appointments, Chinese herbs, and some gold old fashioned care, I was able to achieve a full recovery. Now I am back to the business of enjoying life. Today, I still see Ms. Wall for weekly maintenance and general well-being visits. I am eternally grateful for the healing I have received.”

-Dina I.

“Dixie Wall, LAc is the most knowledgeable, caring, professional, well-grounded, and effective health care professional I have ever seen, and I have been to many! She listens carefully, communicates clearly and designs a treatment that is perfect for your needs. She is always researching and attending seminars and knows all of the most current and relevant health care findings to integrate into her treatment plan. I could not give anyone a higher recommendation than I do for Dixie Wall!”

– Jeannie N.

“I started to see Dixie Wall when I was trying to get pregnant- she was referred to me by a friend. I had tried everything for over a year and nothing was working and I never even thought about trying acupuncture. After my first appointment with Dixie- I was a believer! Not only is she great at her practice, she has a consultative approach and really gets to know everything about you in order to give you the best, most effective treatment possible. Not only did I get pregnant, she helped get my mind and body in the best shape its ever been in- which helped my delivery and post-partum. She was always in reach in case I had any questions or concerns and constantly sent me articles and information, as she educated me on her approach every step of the way. I would highly recommend Dixie Wall—I’ve referred my sister, brother and husband who have all seen her as well and would say the same!”

– Riza A.

Subject line: “The Goddess of Acupuncture”

“YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!  The swelling on my knee is almost gone.  I just cannot believe this!  You have magic fingers and amazing talent, Dixie.  My back is feeling much better than it was before I came to see you this afternoon.  I overdid the past few weeks and have paid dearly for it.  However, because of you, I feel like I can move again without pain and stiffness.  I cannot thank you enough!  You are such a talented healer.

Thank you so much for the article about grains.  I cannot wait to delve in and read it tonight before I go to bed.  I thought I saved the website on Chinese medicinal soups in my favorites file.  However, I did not.  So, I will have to search for the site and as soon as I find it I will send you the link.  It is a wonderful site with great information and excellent recipes!

I hope you have some time to relax, refresh, and enjoy!  Thank you so much for your kindness, your care, and your compassion.

Much love,”

– Pam

“I have lost 17lbs with the help of  Dixie Wall and have kept it off for over a year. After trying 3 epidurals for my back and it not working, Dixie Wall has shown me that Living a Paleo lifestyle can take away inflammation and is the healthy route to go. I am in the gym 4-5 days a week and happier than ever! Thank you Dixie Wall!!!”

– Adena A.

“After a couple years stalled in every effort to lose weight. After a strenuous indoor gym life of cardio, weight training,  yoga and a outdoor life of long distance cycling, big mountain climbing, 5 ks, 10 ks and half marathons with virtually no movement down the weight scale, I came to see Dixie on a recommendation from my personal trainer of 11 years. In addition, I came to her with sprains to both ankles and a little toe on the right foot that I wanted cut off since it caused so much unbelievable pain.

In a matter of weeks with her “magic wand” and dietary and supplement changes, I am finally seeing the needle move to the left on the scale and I can hike, run, bike, climb without ankle pain. As I write this, I sit here with no pain from my little toe for the first time in years. My toe and I will remain connected and I can say the same for my relationship with Dixie.”

– Gary M.

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