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FREquently asked question's


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an emerging health care model that engages both the practitioner and the patient in a harmonious partnership. The practitioner listens carefully and takes a full patient history including physical, biochemical, emotional and genetic factors. We also look at internal factors of mind, body and spirit. We gather all the information we need to address each person as a whole- not just a set of symptoms. Functional Medicine customizes each treatment plan based on unique findings, as we do in Chinese medicine. This deeper way of understanding your biology, based on patterns and connections, has a been practiced in many cultures for centuries. This is the medicine of the future, rooted in the past available to you today!

How is this different from my doctor analyzing my labs?

Our current health care model fails to look at underlying causes of your symptoms. This model is not sustainable to meet the world's current health needs nor the long-term health and vitality of the individual patient. Conversely, by looking at the complex web of the body we can avoid the diseases that may come in the future. This is true sustainability of health and wellness.

How is this similar to Chinese Medicine?

In Chinese Medicine we also take a systems-oriented approach. We do not settle with knowing WHAT diseases or symptoms you have....we want to know WHY you have these diseases or symptoms in the first place. In ancient time Acupuncturists look at the internal by looking at the tongue and reading the pulses. Today in Functional medicine, we can also use modern day lab testing to investigate on a cellular level every system in the body. In Chinese and Functional Medicine, we put an emphasis on taking a very thorough history factoring in emotional, nutritional and environmental factors. By getting the Whole picture we can treat the Whole Body. 

But what if I feel ok? Can I benefit form Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

Regular blood work can detect subtle changes in biomarkers that can uncover diseases that could happen five to ten years down the line. By using proper nutritional protocols, diet and  an exercise we can address any imbalances before a big problem arrives. Functional medicine can reveal the specifics for each individual for specific performance goals such as anti-aging, inflammation, weight loss and longevity.

What type of training have I received? 

I have been in the Holistic Health field for over 15 years and seen thousands of patients. I have been fortunate to have trained under some of the World’s leading doctors in Functional medicine. I am a licensed Acupuncturist, Holistic Health Practitioner, and yoga teacher. I am currently halfway through a doctorate program in Chinese and Evidence based Holistic Medicine. Helping my patients reach the full expression of their health and vitality is my passion.

How does the process work? 

1. Inquiry

- Send us an email for your free 15-minute consultation

- in this consult we will see if we are a good fit 

and explain the rest of the steps in detail

-fill out the Initial Health History Form and Metabolic Assessment form

2. Labs

- Send me your current and past labs

- more labs may need to be ordered directly from our office for your individual needs

- set up time and take payment for your consult

3. Online consult

 -we discuss the results of your comprehensive blood analysis and your questionaries’ and Health History Forms

4. Customized Personalized Program

-A summary of your consult notes and comprehensive blood analysis will be sent to you

-all supplement recommendations will be provided for either directly through the office or links to buy via the internet

- we will discuss the future of continued support

What does the $197 fee include?

This fee will include a one-hour Skype or Facetime consult, a personalized report of findings which includes:

  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis
  • Recommendations for a nutritional supplement program
  • A customized diet program with recipes for increased energy and weight loss
  • Lifestyle recommendations for longevity
  • please note that additional labs and supplements are not included in consult fee