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Brittany C.

“Forever grateful for all that Dixie has done for my family.  I came to Dixie after struggling with fertility issues.  Within a month of seeing Dixie for acupuncture and supplements we found out I was pregnant with twins!  Despite moving cross country we’ve continued working with Dixie online and are currently working on repairing my son’s leaky gut to address his behavioral issues.  My son is happy and healthy and we are beyond thankful for Dixie’s wisdom, love and guidance”.


Kristine T

"Working with Dixie has been a lifesaver for me.  I had been struggling with issues related to black mold that included skin issues, yeast/fungus, inflammation, gut issues, mood and arthritis.  Dixie has a very intuitive and comprehensive approach and I feel I receive great wisdom and expertise to assist me on my healing journey.  Dixie also has a depth of understanding in the integrative medicine world that has been very beneficial to me, beyond acupuncture.  She has helped me with bloodwork analysis, diet and nutrition, pain management, emotional work and detoxing.  She has been blessing in my life."



“Dixie is a terrific acupuncturist, her treatments have alleviated the long term issues I have had with a rotator cuff injury, lower back issues and ongoing stress.
As part of the healing process Dixie is helping me with my nutrition/diet for overall health, to reset my hypothalamus, for weight loss and mental well being.
Dixie's many layered approach to my health has given me a new focus on life.
Thank-you Dixie!”


Vincent L

I had never been an enthusiast of alternative medicine.  I sought treatment for my skin rash allergies from her only after failing to get answers from 3 dermatologists and one allergist. My skin would react to medications that I need to maintain quality of life and function socially and occupationally.  She made no false promises, elicited my own commitment, and realistically informed me of her treatment expectations and the factors involved.
      With enormous dedication and flexibility, Dixie has treated each of my allergies one  by one.  Her commitment to my wellness has inspired my own, and I believe I owe to her my freedom and quality of life.  I simply cannot properly express the enthusiasm I have for her practice and my sincerest wish that you strongly consider consulting with her about your health and wellness needs.